A probate attorney can benefit Nevada estate planning

It is no secret that many people put off generating an estate plan. This can make it difficult to ensure that a person’s wishes are honored and that beloved friends, family, charities or other entities may not receive the bequeaths that one wanted them to receive. Even people who see the importance of estate planning may overlook one potentially-important detail: choosing a probate attorney. At Johnson & Johnson Law Offices here in Nevada, we understand just how important this decision is and we have assisted numerous families with this task.

If an estate holder fails to choose a probate attorney, one will be chosen at the time of the person’s death. This can mean that the choice is rushed and beneficiaries may not have been given the opportunity to build a relationship with that attorney. They do not know the law team’s experience, how they conduct themselves or much of anything that would raise the level of comfort. That being said, it is much more important that the estate holder choose his or her own legal representative. Even if heirs do not know the probate attorney prior to the estate holder’s passing, it is someone that the estate holder has had the chance to get to know and trust.

Here at Johnson & Johnson Law Offices, we know that handling a person’s end-of-life affairs needs to be done correctly in order to avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs. No two clients will have the same needs, and our team takes the time to get to know each one, in order to ensure that his or her wishes are carried out. Our firm will handle all legal matters so that those who lose a loved one can focus on mourning and their memories.

If you still have questions about choosing a probate attorney, our probate webpage may offer some clarity. We want to ensure that families here in Nevada make a choice they are comfortable with. Estate planning is too important to be left up to chance.

Source: Johnson & Johnson Law Offices, “Las Vegas Probate Lawyers“, Sept. 28, 2014

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