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Frozen eggs provide a unique estate planning challenge

Advances in reproductive technology provide Nevada residents with new possibilities when it comes to conceiving a child. Many women are freezing their eggs for use in the future, and this brings up a unique challenge in estate planning. The question of how and whether to include any descendants that may result from the use of…

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Maintaining control in Nevada estate planning

As Nevada residents age, they may¬†experience a loss of control over portions of their lives, such as their health, fitness and mental acumen. This can naturally lead to them attempting to regain as much control as possible in other areas of their lives. Estate planning may be viewed as a way to voluntarily give up…

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Providing for children through estate planning

Nearly every Nevada parent wants to support his or her children. That same parent can also provide for his or her children after death through estate planning. An individual does not have to have a large amount of wealth to do so. The first document necessary to any estate plan is a will. This document…

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The benefits of organization in Nevada estate planning

Many Nevada residents have created an estate plan that passes on their property to friends and family in accordance with their wishes. However, estate planning alone may not be enough. If the executor of an estate and/or the decedent’s friends and family are not able to locate important documents needed after an individual’s passing, the…

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What happens after estate planning documents are signed?

Once the documents are signed, many Nevada residents believe the work is done. However, once the ink dries on a person’s estate planning documents, there could be more to do. For instance, a trust document does not necessarily mean anything if it is not funded. Therefore, an individual’s property and accounts need to be put…

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A probate attorney can benefit Nevada estate planning

It is no secret that many people put off generating an estate plan. This can make it difficult to ensure that a person’s wishes are honored and that beloved friends, family, charities or other entities may not receive the bequeaths that one wanted them to receive. Even people who see the importance of estate planning…

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