Avoiding the potential for abuse in a guardianship

When injured, ill or aging adults here in Nevada and elsewhere are unable to care for themselves, family members or care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes often step in to act on behalf of the incapacitated individual. Unfortunately, there seem to be an increasing number of cases in which a guardian (the person/entity…

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Wills are just one way to transfer property upon death

Some Nevada residents may be surprised by the number of options they have for transferring their property upon death. Wills are just one way to pass on assets to heirs and beneficiaries. Every person’s circumstances are different, and for that reason, estate planning is not a “one size fits all” area of law. One of…

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Disinheriting a child requires estate planning

Some Nevada residents do not want to leave an inheritance to one of their children. A number of reasons why a parent would want to exclude a child from a will or trust exist such as personal, tax or business reasons, and the only way to guarantee that this wish is carried out is through…

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The will is at the center of estate planning, but may be limited

Most people are told that a last will and testament is at the center of any estate plan. It is true that nearly every Nevada adult needs a will, but certain types of assets and other estate planning documents may limit its use. Therefore, it is imperative that an individual reviews the way that every…

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Pitfalls of DIY estate planning

Numerous websites and companies offer do-it-yourself wills whose biggest draw for Nevada residents is that they are not expensive. However, DIY estate planning kits are often woefully inadequate to cover a person’s needs. This means that after that person’s death, surviving family members will most likely need to go through time consuming and expensive measures…

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The intentions in wills and trusts can be sabotaged if unaware

Nevada residents have several options when it comes to passing on their assets¬†upon death. When an estate plan is created, most people believe that their wills and trusts will govern how their assets are distributed. Some people may be unaware that these documents will not always control what happens to a particular asset. When an…

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